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Getting Started

How to Connect to Git

Our venue builder is a low-code tool ideal for any web developers to build venues. It integrates with GitHub. Each virtual venue can be created as a repository, and kept under your GitHub account.

To integrate your project with github repository, follow these steps:

  1. Click on virtual venue on the left toolbar and go to Venue Collection (Browse)

    Connect to Git Step 1

  2. Click on Add a venue on top right hand corner.

    Connect to Git Step 2

  3. Choose your repo and dedicate which repo and branch you would like to integrate it with.

    Connect to Git Step 3

By default, the GitHub account is GEVME. If your repository is created on your personal account, click on “Create a new github connection”. You would be prompted to install GEVME GitHub app on selected organisations. Install GEVME on the organisation where the repository of your venue is located.