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Key Value Type Description
id String Id of the livepage.
slug String The uniquely identifiable URL slug of the livepage.
isPublic Boolean Indicates whether the livepage is public.
title String The title of the livepage.
hasCustomBackground Boolean Under livepage settings, if Use a custom background image is selected, this field will be true.
hasCustomLogo Boolean Similar to hasCustomBackground.
isPublished Boolean Indicates whether the livepage is published.
backgroundImage String Renders the background image based on the string url here.
logo String Renders the logo based on the string url here.
showcaseblocks Objects
Shows all the details about each block in the livepage. One example for Rich Text block is shown here. You may refer to other block types under Experience JSON tab.
showcaseblocksweight Array Similar to showcaseblocks. However, the main difference is that for showcaseblocks, the type is in array of objects, with all the showcaseblocks being ordered based on how they are configured.