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Table of contents

  1. User Roles
    1. Types of Roles
      1. Manager
      2. Sponsor
    2. Usage

User Roles

Types of Roles

There are 2 supported user roles in GEVME Virtual:

  1. Manager
  2. Sponsor


A manager is someone who is responsible of hosting and the development of GEVME Virtual.

When you are logged in to GEVME Venue Builder, you are a manager of that project by default.

There can be multiple managers to a single project, but this can only be done upon request to the GEVME internal team.

  1. Create a company under sponsorship. Refer to the image above.

  2. On the new page, you should be able to find User section and you can add more users into the company. These users added will be tagged with a sponsor role.


Check out Feature Restriction to understand more about the different restrictions that can be done based on user roles.