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The information here can be helpful for creating your own customised experiences in Venue Builder by providing additional code in your preferred index.html file. In this page, we provide all the keys to the GEVME object which you can modify by using createElement or other methods in your index.html file.

window.GEVME Object

Key Value Type Description
agenda Array of objects List of all agendas available for the project. You may find the agendas in the picture shown below.
fullPagePreview Boolean Indicates whether it is a full page preview.
global Object Contains the global files’ content available to all livepages.
isPreview Boolean Indicates whether the page is a preview.
livepage Object Contains attributes related to this livepage.
project Object Contains attributes related to the project.
setting Object Contains settings of the current livepage.
speakers Array of objects List of all speakers available on the project.
sponsor Object The sponsor currently active for this page.
sponsors Array of objects List of all sponsors available on this page. You may find the sponsors on “Sponsorship” tag.
template Object The template used by the livepage.
user Object The user that is currently logged in to GEVME venue builder.
utils Object Various utilities to support GEVME such as log out function, modal pop up, modal visibility, etc.
venue String Contains attributes related to the venue.
widgets Array of objects There are 3 main types of widgets: LiveBar, Header and Menu.

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