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There can be multiple sponsors in a project, therefore the sponsors are in the Array type. Eg: window.GEVME.sponsors[0] will return the first unique sponsor. Each individual sponsor have a list of attributes, you may refer to the image below.

Key Value Type Description
id String Id of the company sponsor.
name String Name of the company that sponsors.
logo String Logo of the company that sponsors.
tagline String Optional tagline for the company.
description String Description for the company.
projectId String Project ID of this sponsorship.
code String Unique ID when creating the sponsorship company.
socialMediaLinks Array of objects Any social media links such as Twitter, Instagram, Website, etc. Full for description, click here.
custom1 to custom5 String Custom fields that the company would want to add in the sponsorship.
sponsorPackageId String If sponsorship is linked to any package, sponsorPackageId will contain the id of the package.
isBookmarked Boolean Checks if the sponsorship is bookmarked.

Key Value Type Description
label String Label for the media link.
type String There are 5 available types: “facebook”, “website”, “instagram”, “linkedin”, “wechat”.
url String URL of the link for redirection purposes.