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Key Value Type Description
checkModalPopupVisibility Function You can switch modal pop up to be visible as such: window.GEVME.utils.checkModalPopupVisibility(true)
logoutUser Function You can enable confirmation by using window.GEVME.utils.logoutUser(true). If this is set to true, you will see the dialog pop up for confirmation after you click on the logout button.
openModalPopup Function An example of a modal is shown below. It can be shown by clicking on a panel.

Here are a few different ways to customize the openModalPopup object, you may configure the colours, height, width, etc.
1. window.GEVME.utils.openModalPopup({ html: '<div style="padding: 24px;">Any html here</div>', height: 'auto', width: '75%', backgroundColor: 'red' })
2. window.GEVME.utils.openModalPopup({ contentBlock: window.GEVME.livepage.showcaseblocksweight[0], height: 'auto', width: '75%', backgroundColor: 'white' })
3. window.GEVME.utils.openModalPopup({ contentBlock: window.GEVME.livepage.showcaseblocks['Block-Name'], height: 'auto', width: '75%', backgroundColor: 'blue' })
4. window.GEVME.utils.openModalPopup({ contentBlockName: 'Block-Name', height: 'auto', width: '75%', backgroundColor: 'pink' })