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<gevme-chat /> explicitly adds a customised chat component onto a template.

In order to have this generated as a window app, template should have the following sdk which already defined automatically on the template:


attribute values description example
channel string defines the channel Id ”{{}}-vod-general-training-day3-chat”
channelName string defines the channel Id “VOD Day 3 General Training”
mode enum defines the theme dark/light “dark” | “light”
label enum defines the label of the chat room when drawer is visible “Chat”
width string defines the width the chat can consume “300px”
position enum defines where the chat to pop up “right” | “left”
height string defines the height as it is position to fixed “80%”


In the template, we may use a button to manually trigger a chat frame. The sample script snippet is shown below:

try {
  const chatBtn = document.querySelector('#chat') // provided that this button is custom made from template
  if (chatBtn) {
    chatBtn.addEventListener('click', function () {
      const GevmeChatIframe = document.querySelector('#GevmeChat') // frame that is generated from chat-sdk.js
      if (GevmeChatIframe) {
          JSON.stringify({ action: 'open', type: 'chat' }), // action: close (for closing)
} catch (error) {

This can be used with a gevme-chat tag with attributes for generating a chat app:

<button type="button" id="chat">Open Chat</button>
<gevme-chat settings='{"channel": "-vod-general-training-day3-chat", 
                       "channelName": "VOD Day 3 General Training", 
                       "mode": "dark", 
                       "label": "Chat", 
                       "width": "300px", 
                       "position": "right", 
                       "height": "80%"}' />

The code above opens a chat on the livepage when the button is clicked: