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Widgets can be found on the top left corner when customizing using the venue builder.

Widgets contain 3 main components: live-bar, header and menus (more will be released in the future).

Each livepage component would have a template.json file, which contains widgets and blocks. For widgets, the structure is as such

"widgets": {
  "hide": {
        "SPONSOR": false,
        "MANAGER": false
  "enabledWidgets": "*" // ["header"] to enable only header section

The key hide is meant for access control for the sponsor and manager to that particular livepage. This section is optional.

Note: “*” in enabledWidgets refer to all widgets to be enabled. If only selected widgets need to be enabled, it should be in array format and separated by “,” if there are multiple widgets.

Eg: “enabledWidgets": ["header", "live-bar", …]

For full details of widgets, refer here.