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Type: “Speakers”


This is a block for showcasing the speakers.


Key Value Type Example
cardHeight String “338px”
Width to height ratio must be at least 1:1.3
Units can be: px, em, rem, %.
cardPadding String “2px”
Units can be: px, em, rem, %.
cardWidth String 260px
Units can be: px, em, rem, %.
layout Enum “inline” | “grid”
showSpeakersType Enum “all” | “filtered” | “list”
sortBy Enum “firstname” | “lastname” | “jobTitle” | “company”
sortOrder Enum “ASC” | “DESC”
speakerBioVisibility Boolean true
speakerCompanyVisibility Boolean true
speakerJobTitleVisibility Boolean true
speakers String of Array ”[]”

This block also support all the common attributes.


 "backgroundCoverImage": "",
 "backgroundCoverImageVisibility": false,
 "blockVisibility": true,
 "blockWidth": "100%",
 "cardHeight": "390px",
 "cardPadding": "20px",
 "cardWidth": "260px",
 "contentMargin": ["40", "20", "20", "20", "px"],
 "fitCardHeightToContent": false,
 "heading": "Speakers",
 "headingVisibility": false,
 "layout": "inline",
 "showSpeakersType": "all",
 "sortBy": "firstname",
 "sortOrder": "ASC",
 "speakerBioVisibility": true,
 "speakerCompanyVisibility": true,
 "speakerJobTitleVisibility": true,
 "speakers": "[]",
 "title": "Speakers",
 "type": "Speakers",
 "widthType": "full"