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What is Venue JSON?


Every venue repository must have one file called venue.json located at the root. It specifies the properties and configurations related to the venue.

Sample Image



A template of venue.json will be shown below

  "name": "Genesis",
  "description": "A very simple, efficient and minimalist style of venue, Genesis is ideal for 1-day multi-track conferences, seminars or meetings, with breakouts as options.",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "author": "GSI",
  "keyword": "1-Day, Multi-Track, Conference, Seminar, Meeting, Breakout",
  "features": "7 templates: Lobby Main stage Breakout Speakers About Login 404, Sticky menu, Live stream, Chat, Direct message, Participants list, Speakers and agenda, Content blocks, Notifications, Responsive template, Light and dark mode"


Key Value Type Description
name String Renders the name of the venue.
description String Renders the description section.
keyword String The content of keyword can be comma separated and multiple tags will be rendered under Good For section.
features String The content of features can be comma separated and multiple bullet points will be rendered under Features section.