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Type: “Agenda”


This block is used for displaying event aganda. All agenda or agenda from selected categories (livepage/date) can be displayed.


Key Value Type Example
agendaFromLivePage String “all” - for all livePages

“a1a03f6c-…” - agenda id for specific agenda,
can be separated using “,” for multiple specific agendas
enableBookmark Boolean true
enableCalendar Boolean true
enableJoin Boolean true
eventOnGoogle Boolean true
eventOnOffice365 Boolean true
joinButtonColor String “#d392c0”
Must be correct format for hex css
joinButtonText String “Join Show”
logoHeading String “Sponsors”
logoHeadingVisibility Boolean false
logosVisibility Boolean false
mode Enum “light” | “dark”
name String “rich-16233…”
openCalendarInNewTab Boolean true
openJoinInNewTab Boolean true
sessionDescriptionVisibility Boolean true
sessionTitleVisibility Boolean true
speakersVisibility Boolean true

This block also support all the common attributes.


 "agendaFromLivePage": "all",
 "backgroundCoverImage": "",
 "backgroundCoverImageVisibility": false,
 "blockHeight": "400px",
 "blockVisibility": true,
 "blockWidth": "100%",
 "boundingBox": true,
 "contentMargin": ["40", "20", "20", "20", "px"],
 "contentPadding": "20px",
 "enableBookmark": true,
 "enableCalendar": true,
 "enableJoin": true,
 "eventOnGoogle": true,
 "eventOnOffice365": true,
 "fitHeightToContent": false,
 "heading": "Agenda",
 "headingVisibility": false,
 "joinButtonColor": "#EE03AC",
 "joinButtonText": "Join",
 "logoHeading": "Sponsors",
 "logoHeadingVisibility": true,
 "logosVisibility": true,
 "mode": "light",
 "openCalendarInNewTab": true,
 "openJoinInNewTab": true,
 "sessionDescriptionVisibility": true,
 "sessionTitleVisibility": true,
 "speakersVisibility": true,
 "title": "Agenda",
 "type": "Agenda",
 "widthType": "full"