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Experience JSON

Global folder will contain an experience folder, which then consists of multiple experiences.

Each experience folder must consist of an experience.json file, with screenshot_number files. As of now, only jpg and png format are supported for screenshot files.

graph LR; experiences --> experience_name1; experiences --> experience_name2; experience_name1 --> experience.json; experience_name1 --> screenshot_1; experience_name1 --> screenshot_2;

The code structure of experience.json is a duplicate of venue.json, but with 2 additional fields called defaultMenus and defaultLivePages.

Hence, experience.json should look like

    "name": "Half-Day Seminar with Breakout",
    "description": "A very simple, efficient and minimalist style of venue, Genesis is ideal for 1-day multi-track conferences, seminars or meetings, with breakouts as options.",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "author": "GSI",
    "keyword": "1-Day, Multi-Track, Conference, Seminar, Meeting, Breakout",
    "features": "7 templates, Sticky menu, Live stream, Chat, Direct message, Participants list, Speakers and agenda, Content blocks, Notifications, Responsive template, Light and dark mode",
    "defaultMenus": // insert default menus content
    "defaultLivepages": // insert default live pages content

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