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<gevme-content-block /> renders the content blocks on the page.


attribute values description example
all boolean value indicates whether to render all the created content blocks. “true”
name name of a block renders a specific block with the matching name “block-name”
exclude name(s) of blocks, separated by comma renders all content blocks excluding the blocks with matching names “block-name-1, block-name-2”
include name(s) of blocks, separated by comma render the set of blocks with matching names “block-name-3, block-name-4”


<gevme-content-block all="true" />
<gevme-content-block name="block-name" />
<gevme-content-block include="block-name-1, block-name-2" />
<gevme-content-block exclude="block-name-1, block-name-2" />